LVD World Auctioneering Championships

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25 / 26 / 27 February 2024  Auckland City, New Zealand
3 Days of Auctioneering Excellence

The Purpose


This LVD World Auctioneering Championships  have been created to give auctioneers a platform to enhance their skills in the auctioneering craft and to prepare them for the competition calendar.

These competitions are so much more than calling an auction and correspondingly we wish to grow the individual’s skills. This event can give contestants the tools, knowledge and confidence to ensure they expedite their personal development. It will hone their calls, work on their presentations and mathematical prowess, ultimately seeing their careers enhanced in the process. At the heart and soul of the competition is “BE YOUR BEST SELF”.

During the three days of competition, the contestants will be put through their paces. From waiting for their number to be called, to the questioning and scrutiny under the spotlight, they will need to display charisma and quick wit whilst getting the job done under the pressure of time penalties and a tough bidding sequence.

Our vision for the LVD auctioneering competition is to provide an  extra “real” option for auctioneers to prepare for their national  auctioneering competitions and to widen their horizons.

Auction addicts,  agents and business owners will be able to view the three days proceedings via Auctions LIVE and Live streaming on Facebook. Adding weight to the understanding of the importance of the auction as a  primary method of sale. All will be welcome to attend the event live or  online, thus allowing them to see the calibre of the callers available to  choose from. It will also provide the forum to allow some experimentation as New Zealand seeks to keep extending the  competition boundaries, without compromising any authenticity.


A celebration of Auctioneering​

The LVD World Auctioneering Championship will be held in Queenstown, New Zealand.  Our guests and online visitors will watch up to 40 competitors fight it out over a fierce  three days of auctioneering brilliance.

This will display the hard work that auctioneers put in leading up to the event and showcase  to the industry, the skill and requirements needed to do the job every day.

The judges will be looking for the ultimate combination of a meaningful vocabulary,  subtlety and attention to detail. The REINZ and Australian State Auctioneering competitions  have tended to be seen as one-off events. By focusing competitors 2-3 months prior to those  events, we aim to enhance the subsequent overall standard, seeing the national  competitions as genuinely competitive. It seems appropriate that the pinnacle events later  in the year, have entrants at the peak of their powers – the LVD will achieve this.

They will compete with many of the World’s best. The five finalists will be selected from each of the divisions, after a  tough heats sequence and collectively and individually judged on their presentation, their  presence, as well as their mathematics and humour. This event is about celebrating and  enhancing their contribution to the auctioneering community.


Our Audience

As a celebration of auctioneering, the audience will predominantly be real estate people business owners and salespeople and auctioneers.

Broadcast LIVE online means our reach is wide via Auctions LIVE.

Our core audience is in support of our contestants, so the social media  sharing component of the event is key. With up to 20 competitors in the Novice and Senior  divisions and up to 15 in the Open division, the range of guests will  vary. As well as special invited guests, we will host some of the industry’s  most influential decision makers



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