Meet the Contestants 2024

Zay Griffith

This is my 24th year as a sales consultant and my 3rd year entering the LVD competitions. The decision to become an auctioneer was initially to have another string to my bow but the thrill of a sale under the hammer, the challenge to create a successful auction campaign for sellers, the camaraderie of being around fellow auctioneers keeps me coming back to better my skills as I develop the craft.

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Robert Tulp

Robert Tulp is a man with over 25 years experience as an auctioneer in Australia & New Zealand. As a Director & Auctioneer of both Apollo & Thornton Auctions he is proficient calling both property as well as general goods auctions. He is an advocate of the auctioneer competitions as he loves to see the fraternity strive to become truly world class!!

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Mark McGoldrick

Mark is a perennial competitor in the LVD firstly because of the momentum it provides for the auctioneering year and secondly for the calling and negotiation intel of the highly beneficial masterclass.The whisper was Mark was robbed of the title at Jack’s Point in a past competition and his goal is to knock Gen. Patton off his perch this year.

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Greer Thomas

Coming from a background in Management and Competitive Sports, it’s no wonder the Auction method of sale was quick to resonate with Greer; Process + Procedure = RESULTS. Greer brings her stage energy to the auction floor and is focused on ensuring a relaxed, yet exciting experience is had when buying and selling. Excited to be driving her Auctioneer career to new levels in 2024.

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David Storer

David Storer, the go-to auctioneer from Bayleys One Tree Hill, is a real estate maestro known for his energetic auction style and sharp market insights. With years of experience under his belt, he’s got a knack for making auctions lively and successful. He’s here to bring his A-game to this auctioneer competition, showcasing his unique blend of expertise and charisma that makes property auctions more than just a bidding war.

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Conor Patton

Already the competition season has rolled around, and Conor’s ready and raring for 2024. Here’s to the camaraderie, counting, characters, and articulate assonance.

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Louis Mcdonald

With natural flair and a knack for engaging audiences, Louis’ interest in becoming an auctioneer piqued from the moment he started in real estate. A thriving real estate career has seen Louis conduct many successful auction campaigns in a variety of market trends. In 2021, his auction success was recognised and he was granted the opportunity to take to the rostrum. Louis enjoys the theatrics of the auction room and endeavours to create a comfortable atmosphere to in-still buyer confidence and entice spirited bidding. Aside from auctioning property, Louis enjoys conducting charity auctions for his local community.

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Jack Sumich

Now representing Harcourts Blue Fern in West Auckland, following on from what should be considered a successful debut to competitive auctioneering at LVD 2023, on short notice no less. Jack returns more eager and experienced, chasing glory in the novice division. Selling real estate is his day job, but crafting skill as an auctioneer is the end game. 2024 is a year that gleams with potential for Jack to move into the space of calling more auctions, both in and out of competition. 

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Dayle Barnes

With over 25 years of experience in sales and a lifetime passion for auctioneering, Dayle uses his energy and skills in the auction process to deliver the best possible auction outcome for the client or organisation. The Theatre of each and every Auction is different and Dayles Competitive nature born from hi long sporting career has him well placed to get the deal over the line nothing feels better than sealing the deal. Dayle has a genuine interest for creating opportunities for charitable organisations to raise much needed funds to assist them in their endeavours.

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Tim Solly

With a distinguished career as a professional entertainer and well known in AFL circles for his exceptional commentating skills, it surprised no one that Tim Solly’s foray into the field of auctioneering has been a natural fit.Energetic, hungry and motivated, Tim has always given 110% to every project he’s been involved in – a philosophy and commitment that continues to this day. 

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Karin Attwood

They say the first step in dealing with addiction is admitting you have a problem. I admit that I am an Auction Addict. Since starting out in Real Estate, I’ve found myself mesmerised by the theatre of the auction room, the call, counting and the quick wit of the smooth-talking Auctioneers. So, what better way to learn even more about the auction process than to experience it from the other side of the lectern. Since the Matariki stars lined up for a once in a blue moon absolute fluke in the 2022 REINZ Novice division, propulsion into the senior division (while still a true novice) gives me heartburn. However, always up for a challenge, and a few wines, they say fortune favours the brave…. Go on, call me a number – I’ve been called worse!

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Zanle Louw

As a first time auctioneer, I find it especially thrilling to immerse myself in the atmosphere of fast-paced sales. I am constantly learning and I believe there will always be more to learn. I can safely say I am fully addicted to Auctioneering and want to part-take in every way I possibly can. Bring on the first of many competitions to come.

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Tom Lane

Tom loves learning the craft of auctioneering, and is looking forward to having another crack at the LVD competition, with what he hopes to be an improved performance. In his day to day profession as a rural real estate agent, Tom is a strong advocate of auction’s, where there has been great success for his clients.A great supporter of his local community, Tom lives by his tagline “Proud to be here”

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Wayne Espie

As well as “yelling & counting”, Wayne still primarily lists & sells property on a daily basis, so he is passionate about encoraging ALL listing agents to list by auction as a “go to method” of marketing property. Whether calling his own auctions OR for another agent he gets the same “buzz” when knocking property under the hammer. He will never let the agent or the Vendor walk alone. YNWA!

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Shane Cortese

Shane leads the Harcourts NZ Auction Division as National Auction Manager. A strong believer in competetions as a way of not only testing yourself against the very best, but ensuring you are up to date with legalities and current trends. Anybody serious about a career as an auctioneer will be serious about competing.

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Aaron Davis

I love auctioneering and never truly knowing what is going to happen, which keeps me on my toes. Have been Auctioneering for over 10years and have never stopped learning. I really enjoy the cut and trust of the auction competitions which keeps me on my toes and stops me getting complacent. Now working for the corporate team with Harcourts NZ has been a welcome change and forcing me to keep working on the legal/technical side of the business. Proud father of two and part time punter and Vegas connoisseur, I would give myself 4 to 1 on the tote, in a quality field. Golf game has been in decline with working weekends, but still really get a kick out of on-site Auctions.

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Nu Taramai​

I’ve been in this industry for over 20 years and apart from pricing a property, this method is the only method that has remained the same. It is a very specialised process that requires a higher skill set that was not necessarily required when the market is buoyant. Now more than ever should Auctions be employed to halt the loss of a properties value as the real estate market trundles continuously downwards. Participating in this event is my commitment to the craft, learning from industry leaders, honing my skills in preparation for competing at such an elite level.

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Clarence White

Clarence has been a staple on the competition auctioneering circuit over the last decade. He is a five-time NSW Champion (2014, 2017, 2018, 2020, 2022), the 2022 Apollo Auction Competition winner and the 2022 Australasian Auctioneering Champion. Clarence spent 6 years calling within two leading networks before establishing his own independent auction business in 2018, subsequently joining forces with Paul Menck to form Menck White Auctioneers in 2020. Menck White Auctioneers are a team of four leading independent real estate auctioneers offering a premium quality auctioneering service for discerning clients across Sydney and Australia.

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Vincent Doran

Young, and with an eager affection for auctioneering, I come across the ditch as both a competitor and student. Keen to prove my worth and absorb all I can from the competition and the competitors. On home soil, calling auctions has become to highlight of every week for me. Living for the excitement, spontaneity and adrenaline the auction process can bring.

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Elizabeth Costley

I have been in real estate for nearly three years and competed for the first time in the Novice category a year ago at LVD in Queenstown. While my journey still unfolds in the realm of real estate, my gaze is fixed on the art of auctioneering. I strive not to be the best Auctioneer, but to be better than I was yesterday.

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Paul Tzamalis

“Calling auctions is exhilarating. The combination of nerves, fear, excitement and responsibility gives me chills every time.” Paul never considered real estate as a career growing up, but some sage advice from his mum led him into the industry.  The rest is history. He believes that we achieve the best results when we remember that real estate is a people business, and strives to do that every day with honesty, selflessness and empathy. The Auction Company is an extension of his passion for auctioneering.

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Sharni Bichan

I’m a busy mum with a drive to do it all & since joining the real estate industry in mid 2019, I’ve experienced many challenges in that short time, the ups, the downs as well as keeping up with kids by diving into the worlds of virtual reality & digital media. After watching some of the auction competitions at conference, this opened my eyes to something new, fun & theatrical. The big guns scared me but the novice peeked my interest. I’m here today as it will push me out of my comfort zone, add a new strength to my business, and show that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

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Sam Steele

Head Auctioneer for Ray White New Zealand Sam is looking forward to returning to the LVD competition for the first time since his Runner-Up efforts in 2021, to fly the Ray White flag. After over a decade in the industry and thousands of auctions conducted nationwide, Sam is still excited by complexities of each individual auction and mentor the next generation of callers coming through.

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Travers Smyth

Travers brings a fresh approach to the auction room. Known for his quick wit and rapport with bidders – be it online, on site or in rooms. Travers enjoys the thrill of the call and is proud to be a part of the Harcourts Cooper & Co team. Having enjoyed some early success in his calling career, he’s looking forward to developing his skills and testing himself this year.

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Julia Rust

It’s one thing to make a speech. Then quite another to add in the legalities, count, recall and reconcile numbers all out loud in front of a crowd all the while being enthrallingly entertaining. Now that is a challenge to behold! On this journey, I am constantly learning and growing. I am inspired by and in awe of, this fraternity of Auctioneers that I have been lucky enough to have met over the past 8 years. All of them really loud, humorous people, that generously share this craft and a passion for us all to be better auctioneers.

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Craig McNair

Craig joined the Barfoot & Thompson team in 2013 and has loved every minute of it since! Having attended last 3 LVD competitions, he is really looking forward to catching up again with the other auctioneers and competing in this year’s competition.

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Jordan Sievwright

Jordan loves the ever-changing nature of the role and that no two deals are ever the same. He loves to learn and is always trying to improve and develop his auction skills, LVD is always a highlight in the calendar. Calling over 200 auctions in the past year for EVES Realty, He relishes a busy auction week and tries to be a persuasive but empathetic auctioneer.

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Brayden Coldicutt

Brayden has been auctioneering since the age of 22. He is a former REINZ New Zealand Auctioneering Champion – Open Division and loves the camaraderie that the auction fraternity brings from all over Australasia. The improv, performance, and entire auction process are just some of the many reasons that auctoneering is a huge passion of Brayden’s.

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Justin Haley

Few auctioneers come armed with the management pedigree and wrap-around real estate experience of Justin Haley, key attributes which not only remove the stress from the sales process for sellers but deliver skilful negotiation strategies and undeniably excellent results across Aotearoa’s real estate landscape.

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Kim Spark

Kim loves the unpredictability and edginess of Auctions and the fact that no two Auctions are ever the same, this makes the whole process really exciting. Kim is passionate about Auctions and believes strongly that the Auction process is absolutely the best way to market and sell property. Kim consistently strives to be the best in the business and prides himself on his strong Auction call and negotiating skills.

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Anthony Van Gessel

I’m an experienced commercial agent and have seen the success of Auctions across all parts of real estate. I helped to train the secondary schools competitors from Kerikeri in 2023 and that really drove me to pursue a career in it. After graduating from the Barfoot and Thompson future Auctioneers program, I decided it was time to go public with an entry in the LVD’s.

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Emma Brown-Garrett

Emma is a real estate veteran with over 15 years’ experience, primarily in residential sales. Emma worked as a residential sales agent for 11 years in boutique brands such as Bickmore Hutt Realty, Oxford Agency and Di Jones. Emma is a gifted speaker and presenter. Her transition into auctioneering is a natural progression and she represents one of the most exciting new talents in the Sydney auctioneering space.

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Michael Wilson

In the world of auctioneering, where the gavel’s echo meets the thrill of the chase, I stand out not just as a participant but as the ringmaster of this high-stakes circus. With a blend of humour sharper than a double-edged gavel, I turn the auction block into a stage, captivating audiences with a performance with enthusiastic abandon. Champion by acclaim and trickster by trade, I’ve mastered the art of weaving anticipation and excitement into each bid, transforming every auction into a masterclass in suspense and release. My secret? A dash of wit, a pinch of charm, and a relentless pursuit to make every sale an unforgettable spectacle. In the grand theater of auctioneering, I’m not just selling; I’m storytelling, one laugh and bid at a time.

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Ben East

Ben stands out for his exceptional industry performance. Known for delivering impressive results early in his career, Ben’s professionalism, energy, and authenticity make him a sought-after auctioneer. Driven by a passion for real estate and a commitment to achieving the best outcomes for clients, he excels in forging strong, trust-based relationships. Actively involved throughout marketing campaigns, Ben offers valuable insights for optimal results. He also contributes to the community through charity auctions, reflecting his commitment to positive impact. Ben’s professionalism, connection abilities, and dedication highlight his excellence in the field.

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