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Mark Sumich will lead a well-known panel of judges selected for their involvement  within the Australasian Auctioneering community. We are proud to have a judging  panel made up of business leaders. Our judges all share an equal passion for  auctioneering.

Mark Sumich

Mark Sumich

Chief Judge

Mark is Chair of the REINZ Auction sector group. He has been involved in the competitive side of this craft since NZ commenced Auction competitions in 1996. After being a regular entrant and occasional winner, he has subsequently moved into the organisational side of the competitions. Combined with a regular diet of actual calling and a passion for training budding callers, he is ideally placed to oversee proceedings as chief judge and critiquer for this event. In the course of more than a quarter of a century of competition experience, he has been involved in events throughout Australasia and has witnessed the very best and plenty of average auctioneering. The last 3 years have been transformative for auctioneering and have seen many of those old qualities become nugatory. We have a responsibility to continue to upskill our new breed, to teach them the newer collaborative requirements of this ancient craft and to add value at every turn. Agents need a closer, they also need you close to the action from the time of listing. What must never be dismissed however, is the essential basic of the trade and that is to call an excellent auction. These World Championships are to find the person, in each sector, who handles their issues most capably. Mark wants to see your individuality, your personality and your savvy when under pressure. The only certainty, is that every caller will leave this extravaganza, a better caller than when they arrived. Evidence beats fear.

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Sabine Davison

There’s nothing like going without for a while to make one appreciate the fabulous camaraderie amongst auctioneers.  Sabine is delighted to be invited back to judge these champs another year.  She looks forward to the enthusiasm, the tension, the laughs and the celebration ahead.  Every year we see the bar being lifted, so expectations of stunning displays of prowess and a few surprises are high. Sabine began her real estate career in the late ‘90s, started auctioneering in 2007, and currently holds a dual role as a regional manager for New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty as well as auction manager for REBL Group (Sotheby’s, Tremains & Colliers) across the central North Island region.

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Rosie Harvey

Rosie joined the Estate industry in 1991, selling homes around the Central West Auckland area. She became a successful salesperson in her first few years, progressing into management as leadership seemed to be her forte. After gaining her AREINZ in 1997 Rosie has owned and run Auckland and Provincial offices so has a wealth of market knowledge. Rosie’s focus has always been the auction process as it’s the most logical selling tool in all markets, and she’s seen them all! Rosie began calling auctions in 2003,and has been called upon as a Judge/bidder at REINZ National Auctioneering Championships many times over recent years and looks forward to being part of the LVD championships this year. As Rosie actively manages several offices her experience and understanding of the entire auction experience from start to finish should be an asset to the competition.

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Andrew North

Andrew is very much looking forward to being involved in the LVD Auctioneering Championships once again as a judge and guest speaker. Andrew has enjoyed some success in competitive Auctioneering over his career that spans some 20 years as an auctioneer. He is looking forward to seeing auctioneers compete with accuracy, energy, empathy and authority at this years competition and wishes the competitors all the best as they endeavour to be the best.

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Nathan Portelli

Nathan is a highly experienced professional with over 13 years in the Australian real estate industry. He joined Auctions Live in 2019 as Business Development Manager and has since been promoted to Head of Training and Customer Experience. Nathan is dedicated to helping clients succeed in the rapidly changing world of technology by combining his expertise in the property sector with a commitment to understanding their needs. He started his career at LJ Hooker and now works alongside some of Australasia’s leading PropTech experts. Nathan offers unique insights into client needs and integrates them into software solutions that provide a return on investment. He is passionate about aligning his services with client’s business goals and always strives to exceed their expectations.

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Roger Dawson

Rogers achievements in real estate are well documented. Starting in 1983 as a sales consultant, he quickly developed an interest in property auctions and has been a full time auctioneer for over 20 years. Having conducted over 10,000 auctions he has seen most circumstances that owners and buyers are likely to encounter. He is therefore well equipped to pass on advice to help in most circumstances. Roger has helped pioneer many of the industry standards now in daily practice and has helped lift the profile and appreciation of Real Estate auctions, through participation at REINZ and Corporate auction competitions. Formerly as a successful contestant and more recently as a judge and mentor, many of Roger’s protégés have also gone on to achieve national success and acclaim. “ I am just as excited about auctions today as I was in 1989 when I conducted my first one. I look forward to my new role and helping other parts of the Real Estate fraternity who are not always connected to the corporate world.”

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Sarah Williams

I love auctioneering. I love an event. Infact, I will come to the opening of an envelope if you invite me. I support NZ auctioneering and have been where you are, and I know what it takes to get up there. This year as needs must, I will carry the bags, the pole and be there in a support capacity. I look forward to the after match functions where we will relive the events of the day with gusto and mop it all up in the bar. Its great to be involved with LVD once again.

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Peter Walker

Peter entered real estate in January 1987 and has worked actively as a sales agent during this time. After 32 years of selling real estate Peter prides himself on seeking to make a difference and in being committed to continued learning and improvement. Peter displays excellent communication skills, unless it involves communicating with his wife. His genuine approach towards customers and clients has enabled him to form strong long term relationships, Peter loves the competitive nature of real estate. Achieving the best results possible, working collaboratively with his owners and dealing with buyers with integrity is integral to his success.

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Jason Hussey

Jason Hussey is Mr Property. He absolutely understands how vital the auction concept is to the wider real estate industry. Vendor marketing and auctions go hand in hand with Trade Me throughout New Zealand, hence his company’s support for this event. It is that comradeship which all NZ auction people understand so well. That ongoing relationship is the rubber-stamping of Trade Me Property’s commitment to both the auction process and the people involved.

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Tim Obern

Tim is co-director of Apollo Auctions NZ. With over 9000 auctions called across his career he is deeply involved in developing strong auction cultures and utilising the auction method of sale as a ‘growth model’ for Apollo clientele. Tim believes that auction as a method of sale nationally is still in its infancy. Developing more auctioneers with high-level skill sets through events like the LVD Auctioneering Championship is vital to the ongoing growth of our industry. 

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Richard Stringer

Richard entered into real estate in 2004 with Harcourts Queenstown. He soon became an Auction advocate, listing as many auctions as possible and quickly driving his sales business to the Number 1 agent position for the Queenstown office Queenstown. In 2006 he began calling auctions for the team in the Queenstown, and competed in many Harcourts and REINZ auction champs. In 2015 he became an owner and Director of the Highland Real Estate Group with 6 offices across the Otago region, and as Manager of Harcourts Dunedin he continues to drive an Auction culture in that office. He’s thrilled to be helping with this prestigious auction event in his home region.

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Grant Child

Since 1995 Grant has accumulated a vast amount of experience across all aspects of real estate.  Having identified early in his career that the auction method of sale is the most transparent process for buyers and sellers he specialised in this field and 20 years ago he up-skilled and became an Auctioneer developing his depth of knowledge and experience even further.  Grant’s passion for auction marketing has elevated him to the position of Auction Manager and Auctioneer for Realty Services Limited which encompasses the EVES and Bayleys brands across the Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Taranaki and calls between 800 and 1000 auctions a year.

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Zita Sumich

Zita has been around auctioneering all her life, attending auctioneering competitions and watching her dad compete since she could remember. With no personal interest in performing for the crowds, the background scene of the competitions became appealing. This evolved into a social media role for LVD and a helping hand for the REINZ competition. At LVD, the Facebook and Instagram will have regular updates run by Zita to keep those in and outside of Queenstown updated with important notices, finalists updates and the order of operations for each day. 

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Evidence beats fear