Meet the Contestants 2021

Zay Griffith

The opportunity of becoming an auctioneer arose when our long-term in house auctioneer left the company, creating a void to be filled. So, after 21 Years in the real estate industry as a residential salesperson it was an obvious next step for me to take. The process of Auction has always interested me. I love the passion and energy that surrounds it. Auctions are Transparent Ethical and Passionate which align with my personal code and I look forward to the challenge and excitement of creating positive Auction experiences for buyers and sellers alike.

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Tom Lane

From a young boy growing up in the mighty hills in the back blocks of Gisborne my love of auctions started from when I was knee high to a grasshopper. Every Friday we would go to the stock sales where the patter of the auctioneer’s rattle would be like music to the ears. With bids flying from all directions, I was warned not to move a muscle as if I did that bid would be mine. Fast forward a year or three there is nothing better to be able to combine my two passions auctions and property. 

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Steph Bradley

Steph leverages a well-developed blend of empathy, creativity and tenacity – characteristics which serve her selling clients well and endear her to buyers. Such soft skills enable her to ensure she really hears the people she is working with, negotiates with a dedication to a win:win outcome and when the going gets tough, never gives up on the idea of an optimistic outcome. She is dedicated to building an organisation based on principles of client-centricity, agent autonomy, fee fairness & environmental sustainability.

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Robert Tulp

Robert Tulp is a man who understands real estate. Since joining the real estate sector in 1992 Robert has filled many roles – Sales Consultant, Manager, Business Owner, Real Estate Mentor and Auctioneer – A career path that has taken him all the way to being the National Auction Manager for New Zealand’s largest real estate company.  He has called auctions in the residential, rural, mortgagee and commercial fields as well as coaching and mentoring sales consultants, managers, business owners and auctioneers, in the art of auction. Rob is a director of Apollo Auctions NZ. He’s got the experience and a great proven track record! 

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Mark McGoldrick

Sometimes better work stories is a must and sometimes a bonus. Following a riveting career in software testing and development, over the past 5 years the response to Mark’s work stories have gone from glazed-over eyes and backing away to “you’re Joking!” and “tell me more!” Hence, he now really likes being an auctioneer. The being an evangelist bit can be tiring but overall, it’s a good craic.

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Kim Spark

Kim thoroughly believes that the auction process is the absolute best way to market and sell pretty much any property securing the best price on the best terms possible for the client while buyers can see the market transparently. He prides himself on going that extra mile for his clients and always tries to ensure that he gets every last cent out of the market on the day. Kim loves the unpredictability and edginess of auctions and the fact no two auctions are ever quite the same makes the whole process really exciting. 

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John Phillips

John came to Real Estate from the business sector, having sold his successful Christchurch-based tourism sales and marketing company.. He has been involved in sales for over 35 years, and this skill has taken him around the world, dealing with people from a large variety of cultural and economic backgrounds. John brings you the unbeatable combination of real estate knowledge, experience, negotiating and marketing skill, to ensure your property is noticed, inspected, appreciated and sold for a premium price.

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Greer Thomas

My passion for auction began within my first week working in the Real Estate industry and has stayed my passion since. I find the transparency in the auction process is a positive position for both vendor and purchaser, allowing everyone involved to have complete control and make informed decisions. Being a lead singer, I love bringing a crowd together and capturing their involvement where auctioneering allows me to do this in a different style. 

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David Storer

David has successfully sold Real Estate via auction since his industry debut in 2003. He feels the combination of both overt competition and decision-making align well with the clarity of outcome to make it the ideal method of sale.

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Conor Patton

Auctioneering may just be the best job going. It offers the opportunity to fulfil one’s entire spectrum of needs. Set out by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper ‘A Theory of Human Motivation’, in summary Maslow hypothesizes that we all have a hierarchy of needs ranging from the basic (food, water, shelter) to self-actualization through fulfilling one’s potential through creative activities, and auctioneering is a vehicle through which all 5 steps on the pyramid can be reached.

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Ben Donaldson

My love of Auctions comes from the transparency of the process! There are always losers with every process but with an auction they are content losers because they choose to walk away rather than not being allowed to have a second shot! The buzz in the rooms 8 years on as an agent still gets me excited and nervous so very keen to see this world from the other side of the arena.

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Annalise Johnsen

Annalise Johnsen is passionate about auctions. As Sales Manager of Tremains Taupo she not only has her finger on the pulse of the local market, but she has also been instrumental in driving the auction culture in the Taupo marketplace. She lives and breathes the auction process and will see it through from the beginning to the final hammer, literally. She works with Tremains clients and calls the auction to ensure the process is smooth and thoughtful. In the auction room, she is a powerhouse with a personal touch. Her aim is to bring the audience on a journey with her because each property is unique, and each auction is designed to get to the best result. With a 100% clearance rate since August 2020, Annalise has the runs on the board that matter.

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Glen Foster

Glen’s career in real estate started five years ago and he credits his success on skillfully combining his great customer service skills with his superior knowledge of the auction process. Possessing a wealth of negotiation skills and gentlemanly charm, Glen strives to achieves the best possible result for his vendors leaving no stone unturned and going the extra mile.  Glen believes in working closely with real estate agents, vendors and purchasers, ensuring everyone is guaranteed a first-class experience on auction day.

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Wayne Espie

The thrill of the chase is one thing but the satisfaction of the catch is even better! Having the opportunity to close a big gap in relative milliseconds in terms of the universe makes every Auction call another shot at a “hole in one”. Whether I am digging a Vendor out of a hole or making their wildest dreams come true matters not in the great scheme of things, I never let them walk alone. 

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Todd Sherley

Todd Sherley has been a salesperson in the Auckland region for 6 years. After joining Ray White Remuera in 2019 he decided to set a goal to further his auctioneering skills in 2020. Although he has no desire to leave the sales arena. He feels having a better understanding of the role of an auctioneer can only improve his overall abilities as a salesperson. Thus, enabling him to serve his clients to the best of his ability.

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Shane Cortese

A finalist in the REINZ National Auction senior competition, Shane has quickly gained attention and industry admirers with both excellent skill and an ability to make both sellers and buyers feel relaxed and confident to make major decisions. With a wide and in-depth knowledge of both the auction process (in-rooms and on-site) and the auction document along with a very clear, calm and precise negotiation manner, you can be assured that no stone will be left unturned in getting the best result for both you and your family.

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Megan Davies

Megan’s enthusiasm for auctions was sparked in the bidding rooms in Hong Kong where clients line the pavements vying for the opportunity to bid for a new apartment, and where preparation and decisiveness wins. She brought the auction culture to her team in Rotorua where they are the talk of Vegas for sassy marketing, and amazing results… She has created a high-performance auction team, and is now ready to take the next step to face the front rather than command from the back of the room. Fiercely competitive, her interests include fly fishing, golf and Toastmasters – with recent trophies in all… coming second isn’t in Megan’s playbook. Getting the top result is.

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Lisa Yardley-Vaiese

Auctioneering is a fantastic, challenging and immensely rewarding career path. Every day you get to work at the real estate frontier alongside consultants, sellers and buyers. What I love most is the fulfilment you experience from assisting all parties realise their goals. Usually, clients are nervous with anxiety leading up to auction day but the relief and euphoria they feel once the hammer falls is a delight to be part of.  I see my role as a confident provider and negotiator who can add value both intrinsic and actual to the auction process. I also thrive on the opportunity for continued growth as every day brings new learnings.

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Katrina Tombleson

Even before entering into a real estate, auctions and auctioneering always intrigued me. Stepping out of ones comfort zone and taking stage is something a lot of people have said is crazy. Leaving behind the nay sayer’s, I enjoy the trill of auctioneering as its more than just standing in front of people and counting numbers, its a craft that only few have the courage to undertake. The view the auctioneer gets to witness is like no other and once that hammer comes down, seeing the joy on both buyers and sellers faces is a front row seat I want. 

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Harsh Kathuria

Placing people into homes that they love comes as blessing to me in my Real Estate career. I enjoy being the ‘’closer’’ and the ‘’negotiator’’ in the very important financial transactions of their lives. Auctioneering is just that, but much more thrilling for me. Being able to reciprocate the trust of all parties involved. The agents, the buyers and the vendors – by bridging the gap in a transparent environment, in a much shorter span of time is very rewarding! No two auctions are the same, and that keeps me motivated to continue growing in my profession!

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George Yeoman

George was born and raised around property. A progression into the profession was a logical and natural step. Having enjoyed performing arts through school, combined with his passion for property, auctioneering was a no brainer. Initially working under the Bayleys Auction team, George trained alongside them, and gained invaluable insight into auctions. Having since become a member of the National Auction Team, George is now calling auctions across the country.

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Craig Stewart

Feathered in a past decorated with more colour than a LGBT parade, Craig arrives on the auctioneering scene as fresh as the folks he sells homes to in South Auckland. A delectable palate for auditory delights, this Toastmaster likes rapid fire one liners just about as much as he likes counting his chickens, and numbers as the sect demands. Like the rising of kundalini fire, this young novice brings a passion for anything and everything that pushes him further outside the box of normalcy, auctioneering seamlessly aligns. Look out!

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Carol Stafford

Carol came into the realms of Auctioneering in early 2020 after many years considering the opportunity. She has competed in the REINZ 2020 in Auckland, called a Charity Auction and has embraced the wealth of knowledge her fellow auctioneers have. Loving the fact she can allow her personality to shine through on an Auction call and is always on the lookout to add new words/phrases to the mix.

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Ben Deans

Ben has been in the real estate industry for almost a decade and in that time represented over a thousand sets of owners equating to more than half a billion dollars` worth of property either as a sales consultant or working as an Auctioneer. It is that breadth of experience that he will put to work for you, whether that be ensuring the optimal presentation and marketing of your property, negotiation or simply providing his frank advice on any property questions you may have.

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Aaron Davis

I love auctioneering and never truly knowing what is going to happen, which keeps me on my toes. Have been Auctioneering for over 10years and have never stopped learning. I really enjoy the cut and trust of the auction competitions which keeps me on my toes and stops me getting complacent.  Now working for the corporate team with Harcourts NZ has been a welcomed change and forcing me to keep working on the legal/technical side of the business. Proud father of two and part time punter and Vegas connoisseur, I would give myself 4 to 1 on the tote, in a quality field. Golf game has been in decline with working weekends, but still really get a kick out of on-site Auctions. 

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Nu Taramai​

I’ve been involved in Real Estate on the Kapiti coast since 1999 and have seen a huge amount of change in the way people buy and sell property during this time. Technology and the internet have had an enormous impact on this process, which I’ve embraced totally to ensure that all my clients get to enjoy these benefits. When this is coupled to my front-line real estate background and extensive local knowledge, I can make your buying or selling experience a rewarding and pleasurable event. 

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Travers Smyth

After running many successful auction campaigns as an agent, Travers decided to put his hand up and give auctioneering a go himself. What better way to further his knowledge of the popular marketing method than to undertake auctioneer training and then put that into practice in competition? The thrill and pressure of accurately taking bids, while keeping the bidders engaged, all under a time pressure adds to the excitement. He’s looking forward to putting his new skills to the test for the first time in Queenstown.

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Tina Chamberlain

Tina joined the Real Estate Industry in 2010 & quickly gained recognition as one of the top producing Salespeople within the Hawkes Bay Region. Driven and determined, Tina’s passion for calling Auctions is obvious and she is known to create a calm, relaxed, yet fun auction environment producing successful results. Tina’s ability to read people makes for persuasive bidding and first-rate results.  Tina loves the fast-paced challenges that Auctions offer allowing her to utilise her strong negotiation & communication skills in a very transparent environment. The highlight of Tina’s career to date is winning the 2020 REINZ National Rising Star Auctioneering Championships and being the first female to win the Colin Brown Memorial Cup in New Zealand since its inception in 2002. 

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Sam Steele

Equal parts intuitive and determined, Sam Steele uses his tenacity, a depth of market knowledge and his superb knack for reading the room to add to Bayley’s already stellar auction clearance rate. Engaging those in auction attendance with his witty repartee, it is really Sam’s comprehensive understanding of finance, economics and the factors which drive our national housing market which give him the cutting edge in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace.

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Mark Morrison

Since entering the Real Estate industry in 2009, Mark has always had a passion for the auction process. He dipped his toes into Auctioneering in 2018 and 2019 at the Harcourts Conference and REINZ Auction Champs, & walked away as the champion of the Rising Star category at the REINZ 2019 comp. Mark works at Harcourts Gold, has invested heavily in his skillset, building mentorships with some of the best in the business. He couples this expert knowledge with his energy & enthusiasm to ensure each call is tailored to suit his clients. 

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Kyle Siebert

Kyle has sold real estate with Harcourts since 2015. He loves the structure and transparency of the auction method and feels nothing beats the rush of competitive bidding on the big day. Two years ago he decided to give the gavel a go and in 2019 he won the Harcourts National Award for Most Promising Auctioneer of the Year. After cutting his teeth under the guidance of the indomitable Mark McGoldrick, Kyle now regularly calls auctions for the Holmwood franchise and is excited to compete in Queenstown. 

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Julia Rust

It’s one thing to make a speech. Then quite another to add in the legalities, count, recall and reconcile numbers all out loud in front of a crowd all the while being enthrallingly entertaining. Now that is a challenge to behold! On this journey, I am constantly learning and growing. I am inspired by and in awe of, this fraternity of Auctioneers that I have been lucky enough to meet over the past 6 years. All of them really loud, humorous people, that generously share this craft and a passion for us all to be better auctioneers.

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Hamish Drumm

Hamish Drumm comes to you now from Ray White Kemeys in Petone, wellington. Hamish is loving selling with the ray white group, wherever viable selling by auction and taking advantage of the current buoyancy in the wellington property market. Hamish is looking forward to another full emersion of auction training in Queenstown 2020. 

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Gavin Vize

“40 dollar, 40 dollar, give me a hollar, 40 dollar…”  We all know the song, and we all know the trade is infectious. I’m stoked to be competing in the LVD for a 2nd year running. It’s a great opportunity to time stamp where I am at – 50+ auctions called to date across Wanaka and Queenstown.

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Craig McNair

When I became a salesperson I could not help but develop a passion for the auction process. There’s a great theatre about it. Auctions are a great way to sell properties as it gives multiple buyers the opportunity to compete in an open and transparent environment. I’m looking forward to competing in the LVD Championships to further enhance my auctioneering skills. 

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Brayden Coldicutt

Harcourts New Zealand’s Most Promising Auctioneer of the year 2018. Brayden’s love of auctioneering comes from his theatre background and love of not being able to stop talking. He believes that auctioneering is the only place where you are able to get up and combine mathematics, performing, talking, thinking quickly on your feet, and having fun all at the same time. The challenge and joy are a perfect combination and one that Brayden feels is the reason he seems himself being an auctioneer for the rest of his life. No two auctions are ever the same!

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Ben McNab

Auctioneering captured Ben’s attention since first entering the Real Estate industry in 2015. It brings the best parts of the industry into one room, on one day at one time. The excitement of interacting with bidders and extracting the best price for owners through the best vehicle possible, gives an adrenaline rush like no other.

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Tanya Smith

Locally born and raised in Marlborough, Tanya brings with her a wealth of local knowledge. She has spent a combined period over 10 years working in real estate and sales management, and comes from a marketing/advertising background. Tanya’s passion for property has brought her back into the industry. Historically, she has invested in properties, developed properties, built spec homes and bought and sold numerous properties over the years. From that she has gained an extremely good understanding of the entire sales process from both a buyer’s and seller’s perspective. She strives to do the very best for her clients through personalised service and continuous communication, and is absolutely dedicated to achieving a successful outcome. If it is results you want then look no further. You won’t be disappointed!

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